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Free local pick up and drop off
free pick up

If you book a service, or repair with us, providing the vehicle is safe and legal to drive we will pick it up from your home or work and drop it off once the work is complete. The criteria for our collection & delivery is as follows;

  1. FREE collection and delivery must be arranged with us by phone.
  2. The vehicle does NOT need to be taxed MOT’d or insured.
  3. The vehicle must have enough fuel to complete a thirty mile round trip - If the vehicle breaks down recovery will be invoiced to the owner.
  4. The vehicle must not have any dangerous known faults (if it does then these must be communicated at time of booking).
  5. The collection will only take place within a 7 mile radius of our workshop (we reserve the right to refuse collection).
  6. Any mechanical faults which might occur on the journey are at the owners own risk, and any costs incurred will be invoiced to the owner.
  7. We cannot guarantee any return times although an estimate can be given on the day of expected return. - these vary according to workshop loadings, traffic situations, etc.

Please ensure we are provided with the key(s) needed to open every door, the boot and the fuel cap, and wheel lock adaptors of the vehicle. Any previous MOT can be useful but is not essential.

If my vehicle needs work

We will contact you before we carry out any work. We will advise you on parts, time for completion and cost of completed work. Please make sure you have left a contact number with us, where you can be contacted through out the day.

Do you have the specialist tools of main dealers?
diagnostic kit

We have a diagnostic set up with all the latest updates for all the latest cars. We can connect to the cars on board computer using the latest technology. We can call in the use of specialist tools and specialist mechanics if we need to.

What is my vehicle's MOT status and MOT history?

The government provide a free service to check your vehicles MOT status and MOT history, to go there click here.

MOT test - some tips

Things to remember about an MOT

Give us your old MOT certificate if you have one. We can then date your new MOT certificate to run out 12 months after the expiry date of the old one.

Please ensure we are provided with the key(s) needed to open every door, the boot and the fuel cap, and wheel lock adaptors of the vehicle.

You can MOT your car 28 days before the old MOT runs out.

MOT official information

It is generally an offence to use on a public road, a vehicle of testable age that doesn’t have a current test certificate, except when;

Taking it to a test station for an MOT test booked in advance.

  • Bringing it away from a test station after it has failed the MOT test, to a place of repair.
  • Taking it to a place, by previous arrangement, where problems that caused the vehicle to fail its MOT test, can be repaired.
  • Bringing it away from a place where the problems with the vehicle have been repaired.

Even in the above circumstances you may still be prosecuted for driving an unroadworthy vehicle if it doesn’t comply with various regulations affecting its construction and use. 

Your car insurance may also be invalid.

The police can ask to see an MOT certificate for a vehicle that needs to have one. They also have access to the computerised records of MOT test results and can tell if the MOT certificate for your vehicle has expired.

It is your responsibility as the vehicle owner to ensure that the due MOT test is carried out in time.

For the governments MOT information page click here

Warranty Protection

Government legislation passed in 2003 called "The Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation" means that an independent garage can now carry out your car service, so that the warranty is still protected - this means you do not need to use a main dealer for your car service.

If you would like to see the official information concerning this regulation please click here

Cambelt and timing belt

Cambelts and timing belts, which are the same thing, should be checked to confirm that they are within wear limits. If a belt is damaged or if it is making bearing noises, then it must be changed. Manufacturers recommend changing within certain mileages. It's best to be aware of your vehicles tolerances. A broken cambelt can cause untold damage to an engine, and is far more expensive to put right and may even result in a vehicle right off.

Do I need a new clutch?
clutch image Five Signs That You Need A New Clutch

It’s not always easy to know when you need to replace a clutch. There are five signs to watch out for when it comes to your vehicle’s performance that mean you could need a clutch replacement;

  1. The revs keep climbing but there is little increase in vehicle speed.
  2. Loss of acceleration as the clutch ‘slips’ or a complete loss of drive.
  3. Difficulty changing gears.
  4. Grinding or rattling noise when changing gears.
  5. Engine revs climb or fall of their own accord.

If in doubt, bring it to us and we'll check it for you.

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