MOT testing

Our approach to the MOT

After 3 years all vehicles in the UK will require an MOT certificate by law. We charge the government set MOT price. Some garages charge less to attract business and then recoup the difference back and much more by specifying extra work on the vehicle to pass the test, even though often it will not need the extra work. We think this is wrong, as it costs customers more, is a breach of trust and is bad for the environment. We believe the honest approach of charging the government set MOT price and doing a full and proper test to ensure customer safety and only doing the work required is the only way. Please call for a price for your vehicle.

New pick up and drop off costs for an MOT

To cover time and high fuel costs we have had to introduce a £20 charge to pick up and drop off for your vehicle for an MOT but only if it PASSES the MOT you have booked with us, if it fails and you'd like us to complete the work for it to pass, or you include a service with your MOT this charge will not be added to you final bill, neither will it be added if you chose to drop off and pick up the vehicle to our site yourself.

Things to remember when you book an MOT

Please ensure we are provided with the key(s) needed to open every door, the boot and the fuel cap of the vehicle.
An MOT can be booked 28 days before the old MOT test certificate runs out.
Please provide the old MOT test certificate, then, on passing, the new one will have it’s renew date written to 12 months from the end of the old renew date.
Please ensure we are provided with the key(s) needed to open every door, the boot and the fuel cap, and wheel lock adaptors of the vehicle.

For our pick up and drop off service the vehicle must be safe and road worthy.

To find out what your vehicle's MOT status and MOT history is and for other MOT information click to see our FAQ page.

Vehicle type First test age - years
Car - up to 8 passenger seats 3
Motor caravan 3
3 wheeled vehicle 3
Quads 3
Dual purpose vehicle 3
Private hire & public service vehicle 3
Ambulance & taxi 1
Private hire & ambulance 9 - 12 seats 1


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