Diagnosis & Repair


An accurate and quick diagnosis of a fault in a vehicle is crucial. It can save a lot of time, frustration and money from replacing parts that aren't required.

Modern cars have a diagnostic set up built in, we can plug into the on board system to find and solve problems with a vehicle. Many problems are not diagnosed this way and need an experienced mechanics head to work out the problem.

That's where our experience counts. We're all grown up mechanics, with a lifetimes experience, and so we've normally seen it before, and it's our business to be aware of common problems and faults in certain makes, models and ages of vehicle.

There are things we see over and over again so we are aware of the work, tools and expense involved with a repair, and we're happy to advise you and help you get you're vehicle back to full working order, and avoid problems in the future.

IST socket set

IST welder


For a proper repair you need the right tools and the right know how. A simple sounding job can be very difficult without the correct specialised tool or if it is deep within the engine compartment. We not only have some great mechanics with years of experience but we can also call in specialists tools and engineers if a job requires it, without the overhead expense of having them on hand at all times.

We use the best part suppliers, but without having to pass on to our customers the huge overheads of a main dealer, and if we can't help you we can advise you on what your best options are.

Our repair work is guaranteed for 3 months, and we use quality parts that have the full guarantee of their manufacturer.

How to book a repair

Please call us to book a time, with all the details. If you're vehicle has broken down, and you are unable to move it we may be able to rescue you. We are well known within the national auto rescue services, and can accept stranded vehicles from them for repair.

Up to date

Our computerised diagnostic system is up to date with the latest and most modern vehicles.

Problem solving

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge to identify and diagnose troublesome faults and problems.


3 months labour guarantee

No quibble guarantee on all our work.

Cambelt replacement

We specialise in cambelt and timing belt replacement.

Clutch replacement

We specialise in clutch replacement.

Exhaust replacement

We can supply and fit all types of exhaust.

Tyre replacement

We sell and fit all types of tyres.

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